An Experienced

Criminal Defense Attorney

Who Fights For You

Justin Sather has more than two decades of experience protecting the rights of people in Illinois.

Protecting the rights of clients in the greater Chicago area for more than 20 years

A Hard-Nosed Attorney Ready To Fight For You

Justin Sather has earned a reputation for his aggressive and skilled approach to defending clients in the courtroom. Mr. Sather has logged thousands of hours in Illinois courthouses and is intimately familiar with local judges and the strategies used by prosecutors. He uses that knowledge to develop innovative defense strategies in his fight to protect your rights and liberty. When your freedom is at stake, Mr. Sather always goes the extra mile to get you the best possible outcome.


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Criminal Law

Protecting the rights of people charged with drug crimes, traffic offenses, and all other types of felonies and misdemeanors.

DUI Defense

Representation for people facing DUI charges. He fights to minimize charges and penalties with the goal of getting the charges dropped.

Understanding The Stress Of Facing Criminal Charges  

Justin J. Sather is known as a compassionate attorney who helps clients deal with the emotional side of facing criminal charges. Criminal charges can affect your relationships, your job and your standing in the community. Understanding how to handle these situations and prepare for the likely outcome of your case is invaluable. Even if the judge finds you innocent, the fact that you were charged can still have long-lasting effects on your life.


” Justin is a very one-on-one lawyer. He has always been there for me at every court date, always answers his calls or messages. He guided me in the right direction and is able to help me get my first theft felony case taken care of it and is helping remove from my record. “ – Christina

“Justin is very professional and dependable. Always can count on him at every court date. He is helped me with my theft felony case, especially knowing my background. I am forever appreciative for everything he has done for myself and family.” – Brian

“I really recommend to hiring Justin. He recently got a case thrown out for me. Not only was I facing 6 years when I got a plea deal to come in agreement with Justin and I got 2 years of probation. Other than that he is a very good person, very respectful and also he will be honest with you and go all out for you and is very reasonable on payment for cases. So whenever I run into trouble I immediately give him a ring. I assure you will be very happy and safe with Justin fighting for our freedom to beat cases!!! I rate 5 stars out of 5.” – Eduardo F.

Justin Sather



Putting 20 Years Of Experience To Work For You

When you need an attorney to protect your rights, you want someone with experience and a deep understanding of how the justice system works. After more than 20 years in the Illinois court system, Justin J. Sather knows the tendencies of local prosecutors and how judges respond to different types of evidence. He uses this knowledge to build winning strategies that minimize penalties. If you are facing criminal charges in Illinois, hiring an experienced lawyer can be the difference between freedom and life behind bars.